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Our Academy was established in 2015 to assist starting and scaling property developers in creating and growing profitable, impactful and enjoyable businesses, capable of lasting decades and generations.


From 2015 to 2019 we supported more than 1000 SME developers and investors through courses, workshops and mentorship programmes. 


We no longer run live events and programmes through the academy, opting to provide a highly valuable service to businesses on a 1-2-1 basis through our consultancy practice. To find out more about Property Development Consulting click HERE.

The world of property education is unregulated, making it increasingly difficult for people to pick out a suitable trainer, coach or mentor. Our advice would be to work with someone that has been in the business through at least 1 full economic cycle (boom to through bust). Those with sufficient experience will have systems, plans and processes in place to deal with fluctuations in the market. There are plenty of 'educators' out there that have only been in the business they are teaching for a short while themselves. There are also those out there 'selling the dream', suggesting anyone can get be a developer, and you can do so with no money and no experience. 

Property development is not a get rich quick business. It is a difficult industry carrying with it challenge and risk. If you get it right it is an incredibly profitable, rewarding and exciting business to be involved in. 

For those starting in the world of property development it is important to start from a solid foundation. Whether you want to become a developer yourself, or you are an investor looking to place funds with credible developers for a healthy return, it is vitally important to have a base understanding of the whole process to ensure you are minimising the risk and maximising the reward. 

Below you will find a host of useful articles, videos, and downloads covering many aspects of the development process; from finding opportunities and appraising the deal, right the way through to exit strategies and business development. 

5 Golden Rules to Successful Property Development

Articles, videos and downloads

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