Property Development Consulting

We work with a select number of businesses wanting to build low risk, high reward       property development companies, bringing 5+ decades and 3000+ builds worth of

knowledge, experience, systems and strategies.


Once you have a good base understanding of the development business the most valuable information you can receive will be specific to you, your situation, your projects and your objectives. 

We provide tailor-made consultancy by the hour or by the day, so there no need to tie yourself into expensive year long commitments.

Consultancy Services

Hourly Consultancy Calls - Get regular, or ad hoc, support from an experienced team remotely via phone calls or screen shares. Pay by the hour with no commitment to a set number of sessions, only book sessions when you require advice and support for your business and/or projects. 

Development Business Planning - Successful development companies have a long term plan that is then worked back into actionable short and medium term operations. If you are early in your property development career or looking to take your business to the next level, then having experienced insights during the planning stage will ensure you are building your business in the best possible way. These sessions can be done remotely or face to face, and are usually done in 2 or more sessions to allow for review and reflection. 

Project Reviews - If you are about to embark on a development project, or your project is already underway book a project review session with us to see where extra value can be created, money saved, risks avoided and returns maximised. 

Deal Analysis Sessions - The appraisal stage is arguably the most important stage of them all. You want to ensure the deal you are interested in is a good deal and you can secure it at the right level and in the right way. Connect with our experienced acquisition team to discuss deals you are looking at and we can assist by looking at the financials involved and the best ways to structure the deal for maximum benefit. 

Project Rescue - Unfortunately some deals do not always go the way you first intended. It could be that the market has changed since you secured the deal, your margins are eroded by falling values, you've hit issues on the build, you've fallen into difficulty with cashflow... There are lots of reasons why projects go wrong. We work with developers, investors and funders to rescue projects and protect investments. If you are struggling with projects don't bury your head in the sand, seek out experienced advisors. 

'Non Exec' Role - We are currently working with a small number of companies in a more integrated role within their companies s they scale their business onto bigger or multiple projects. This role is typically retainer based with regular calls and meetings.

Full Day Consultancy - If you are looking for intensive, focussed sessions to work on your business and/or projects then consider booking a full day consultancy session. We can travel to you or you can travel to us, or meet or a mutually convenient location, to dive into the detail on your plans and projects. These sessions are charged by the day, with no commitment to booking multiple sessions, unless you feel you will benefit from a regular session with our team. A popular choice by some of our clients is an initial full day consultancy followed by a number of hourly consultancy sessions thereafter. 

Rates start from £80 per hour.

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