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Since 2015 PDA have helped over 1000 SME developers build sustainable property development businesses through presentations, web events, workshops, training programmes and mentorships.

The property education space has changed a lot in the 4 years that PDA has been part of it, with more and more training providers popping up offering the UK's 'best' courses and programmes. Experienced providers are lacking making it difficult to select who to learn from, with the companies better at marketing winning the business. Development is in our DNA and although we have thoroughly enjoyed our time running various events, workshops and programmes, impacting 1,000's of people in the process, we have decided to move away from training opting to focus on providing a greater benefit to fewer people through bespoke consultancy and support. Coupled with the fact that our primary business is, and has always been, development land and buildings ourselves and with partners. 

Right now we are currently offering the opportunity for a small number of businesses bespoke support and guidance focussed on building successful, impactful and profitable property development businesses. If you feel that you would benefit from over 50 years of industry experience as and when you require, through hourly calls, screen shares, video conference and/or full day sessions then CONTACT US NOW FOR MORE INFO.


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Multi-generational founders, Richard & Brynley Little have over 50 years combined experience across the land, planning and development sector developing more than 3000 units themselves. They are backed up by a talented team providing real world experience, expertise and support to those wanting to build business capable of lasting generations.


Our Team

Brynley Little
Co-founder & Trainer

Brynley is a 3rd generation property developer. Having worked onsite for 8 years as a builder contractor he has hands on experience of both conversion and new build development projects. With a passion for business and entrepreneurship, Brynley has moved from site to stage and has a number of business interests across property development, including his own development company, the Academy and joint ventures on development projects.

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