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Multi-generational founders, Richard & Brynley Little have over 50 years combined experience across the land, planning and development sector developing more than 3000 units themselves. They are backed up by a talented team providing real world experience, expertise and support to those wanting to build business capable of lasting generations.


Andy Brown

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the best property information I've received. Clear, concise and no bulls**t. I met a friend last night who has recently been on another development course, and comparing the notes I took from Richard & Brynley to what he has ‘learned’ was eye watering, and mildly terrifying for him if I’m being honest.

Andy Day

A huge thank you to the PDA team for a great event and sharing your years of experience and knowledge. I've learnt a huge amount and met some fantastic people. If anyone is considering looking into property development I would highly recommend these guys.


How do you build a low risk, high reward property development business?

House building can be an incredibly rewarding, enjoyable, profitable business, provided you get it right. The House Building Handbook takes you through the 7 stages of the property development process, giving real world, experienced insights into how to build your business through the ups and downs of challenging markets. If you have a desire to start and scale a professional, sustainable property development business that will stand the test of time, then reading this book is essential.

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