Karen Haynes  Property investor, co-host of Worcester pin meeting

1 day workshop

"Good content, good speakers, good structure, well organised and delivered. 5 stars"

Carly Houston  Property investor

1 day workshop

"Great overview of the development process. A good day with lots of valuable content and good variety of speakers. 5 stars".  

Paul Melling  Award winning property investor

1 day workshop

"Brilliant day. Learnt all aspects of property development from finding deals, tax and planning implications, all the way through to funding deals and finally selling. It's been a brilliant day, I'd highly recommend it to anybody to come along and find out for themselves".

Graeme Bell  Property investor

1 day workshop
"Brilliant day, incredibly content packed and some of the best people in the industry to tell us all about it. Excellent day, value for money out of this world, it's a no brainer. If you want to do development come on one of these".

Yvonne Gray  Property investor& interior design specialist

1 day workshop

"Thoroughly enjoyed my day with Brynley & Richard. This takes us further into unknown territory, it's nice to have that confidence to know the next steps forward and how to go about it. I think those with an interest in bigger deals will find this a superb basis for going forward. I really enjoyed the day".  


Michael Jones, Property investor
"Really encouraged from what I've learnt and I look forward to the momentum ahead of us. I look forward to the academy developing so I can be a part of it."

Les Elms  Property investor

1 day workshop

"Excellent day, massive value. Really gave me an understanding of what I am getting into. Highly recommended".

Rob McPhun  Property investor & host of Hull PIN meeting

1 day workshop

"Excellent day, some really good input from Brynley & Richard in relation to starting your journey in property development with some great speakers as well."

Colin Walmsley, Property Developer

Property Development Discovery 
"... One of the reasons I signed up to do the additional training with PDA was the fact that throughout the day the emphasis was on the "reality" of doing developments and that though the rewards are available, application and having the right support team around are essential.  Very refreshing".

Les Elms, Property investor
1 day workshop
"Excellent day, massive value. Really gave me an understanding of what I am getting into. Highly recommended."

Tony Rigby, Property investor, 20 yrs in construction
1 day workshop
"Massive value, great overview of the depth of involvement in property development."

Michael Orridge  Property investor

"Great value, which will grow through this network".  

Rob Haywood  Property investor

1 day workshop

"What a great day!!! A lot more content than I would have expected from a starter day. The speakers were excellent, what a wealth of knowledge in the room. Richard and Bryn thanks for putting together one of the best one day courses I have ever attended."